As we look towards post lock down and getting the great British pub open once again, venue owners and managers have a Herculean task ahead of them in recreating the environment we all know, love and the very reason why we visit our local.

Navigating around the minefield of restrictions, requirements and measures post lock down has left some landlords and owners scratching their heads and one thing we have been asked for clarity on is the playing of music in venues.

To be clear, background music is allowed within the pub/bar environment post lock down. However, we must stress, the key word here is background and that is the way the music must stay.

What is not allowed is music being played at a volume which requires customers to talk in raised voices or shouting to be heard.

Music creating the right atmosphere:

We know that music can be a key if not essential ingredient in creating the right atmosphere in bars & pubs but did you know that it also has an incredibly strong effect on influencing our feelings and how we behave and this is no less true with background music.

When the background music played is well thought out and considered with your customers in mind, most users of background music systems agree that it has a positive effect with customers often staying in the venue longer.

And it really doesn’t have to be loud to be heard! Playing music at a discreet volume may seem counter intuitive but even at a low volume your background music WILL have a positive effect and help to foster a welcoming ambience.

Simply put, by adding well thought out background music in your venue you are adding to the  welcoming and inviting atmosphere which your customers want (and more than ever need).