The studies proving the value of background music are varied and numerous. And the presence of background music never seems too far from our ears (or at least our subconscious inner ear). However, regardless of the business you’re in, it would be complete folly to believe that simply by introducing a blanket of background music of let’s say current chart tunes that you’ll have them queuing round the block to get into your establishment! This is where knowing your customers and a grasp of branding is essential.

“Music is the strongest form of magic” Marilyn Manson

A great example of music influencing behaviour is being rigorously applied by a well known clothing brand. Enter any of their stores and your ears are bombarded by music (genre unknown). The music is so obtrusive that you need to raise your voice to be heard! “Crazy” you might think, but NO, this is a very clear and conscious decision and a clever use of music as a key influencer.

The owners take brand identity very seriously and everything they do, sell and how they sell it is conducted within the tight constraints of a set of brand protocols. This includes the music played within their stores. In this case they use music (which is carefully curated) to dissuade the wrong type of clientelle from entering or staying in there too long!

Okay, it’s an extreme example but it demonstrates well albeit brutally, how music can be used to influence behaviour.

So, in compiling the perfect playlist for your establishment, consider.

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