Background Music – The Key To Boosting Business!

Background Music enhances your venue and re-enforces your leisure brand. Playing the right background music encourages customers to stay longer – and to spend more!

Music Profiling

After discussing your brand values, your target customers, and the atmosphere you would like in your venue, we can suggest suitable background music programmes which ensure that a wide selection of tracks are played – without overstepping your agreed music policy.

A 24 hour a day, 7-day scheduler allows you to vary the music programme across the day – allowing a progression of music styles to match or dictate your customer trading pattern.

Drinkers in bar listening to background music from a BeeBox System

Classy Cocktail Bar? Party Central? We’ve got a background music programme just for you!

Automatic Volume Control

The BeeBox software can control volume levels, allowing you to drown out or promote conversation as you wish.

Music Updates

Our music team monitor the UK Top 40, radio stations, social media and streaming charts.

With over 40 years experience in DJing, Radio Presenting and Music Programming, we spot the trends and keep you ahead of the game with new releases and exclusive remixes.

New music tracks are released weekly and downloaded to your system overnight.

Multiple Zones

More than one floor or room in your venue? Not a problem!

The BeeBox can support up to 4 music zones, each with its own music schedule.