Entertain and Retain

In today’s competitive leisure environment, venues are increasingly looking to give their customers additional reasons to stay.

We offer a number of apps and presenter-led games, which are optional extras on your BeeBox System.


  • Large numbers displayed on-screen.
  • Automatic or manual calling
  • Choice of celebrity voices

Hi-Low Cards

  • Play with 5 or 9 cards
  • Ace high / Ace low options
  • Atmospheric sounds effects and music

Horse Racing

  • Winnings calculated automatically
  • Historic video races with exciting commentary
  • We can supply tote tickets and film selection cards

Raffle Ticket Picker

  • Multiple prize tiers
  • Supports cloakroom tickets in up to 5 colours
  • Print results to your office printer

Key To The Box Game

  • Choose number of boxes/keys.
  • On-screen animation of boxes being opened
  • Game progress and prize location stored until the next draw.

Joker Poker Game

  • Choice of 53 cards (52 + Joker)
  • If customer picks the Joker, they win.
  • Optional messages for Jackpot, etc.

Random Number Picker

  • Picks single numbers (can use remote push buttons to start/stop)


  • 1000’s of questions sorted into categories (general knowledge, history, sport, music, etc.)
  • Current Affairs category updated with new questions every week
  • Can be ran without a quizmaster (thus cost saving)

Quiz Bingo

  • A combination of bingo game and a quiz
  • Players given a numbered 5 by 5 bingo grid style answer sheet and the challenge is to create a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of 5 correct answers.