It’s All About The Sound Quality

Sound quality is an area often overlooked by busy managers. By spending just a few minutes checking and adjusting your sound system – you will help make the music in your venue sound more clear and pleasing to staff and customers a-like.

TIP #1: Check the EQ, Bass and Treble controls

The bass and treble controls affect the tone of the music. Adjust the bass until drum beats sound punchy, but don’t overdo it or this will lead to distortion and can stress your speakers.

Adjust the treble until hi-hats and cymbals are sharp and crisp; too much treble will make the music harsh on the ears.

TIP #2: Make sure you’re not clipping.

Amplifiers should operate with “headroom”. If the clip lights flash regularly on your amplifier, it is because it is being overdriven. This can lead to damage to the amplifier or speakers, and to costly repairs.

Turn down the volume and consider upgrading to a more powerful amplifier.

TIP #3: Get your equipment serviced every few years

Dust and grease from the air gets sucked in by cooling fans and can build up on internal components, causing overheating. Dirty switches and controls can lead to clicks, pops and musical dropouts.

Regular servicing will alleviate both these problems


Make sure you are using a good quality background music system.

The BeeBox Background Music System features high quality MP3s, delivered weekly by automatic update.