In the bustling market town of Norton, tucked away from view, hidden in Rowan Yard you’ll find the little gem and locals favourite that is Hydes Bar.

With an eclectic yet well thought out interior made up from the detritus of the sites former life as Mr Hydes carpentry workshop.

Keen to introduce something, which would help Hydes bar retain its unique character and status in the local pub scene, co-owners James & Manageress Joanne Nielsen approached BeeBox Systems in 2019 having seen the BeeBox used in another venue.

Initially wanting to use the music, digital signage and games features, the system very quickly became a valuable business tool within Hydes.

This quirky and welcoming bar enjoys the widest audience and the extensive music catalogue coupled with the scheduling tool proved itself as an especially valuable feature allowing James to carefully curate the music to suit the peaks, troughs and changing audience seen throughout the course of the day.

Jo & James we’re early adopters of the Customer Music App, which quickly became a hit with customers and with over 1000 song requests per month and app usage constantly growing, the figures speak for themselves.

“The customers using the music app love it. And with comments like ‘the best jukebox ever cos its free’, we’re not going to argue with them!”

With the bar having a varied and full entertainment schedule every week the digital signage feature of the BeeBox has also proven its worth and with the bar benefitting from a large tv screen which no one can miss, every visitor is left well informed and knowing what’s happening, whilst also being engaged and often entertained by content in the slide show.

“Having weekly open mike nights and hosting live music, we change and tinker with our signage on a regular basis to keep our customers informed. It’s important to keep it fresh and with the remote access tool we’re able to make changes to the slideshow very quickly from home or anywhere really. As well as the ‘what’s happening’ type adverts we also use some of the drinks promo 

adverts included on the system and this works well for us”.

A popular night for locals is the mid-week quiz night and here Jo and the Hydes staff make full use of the BeeBox and the Quiz Time game, followed by Key to the Box, which has previously generated some healthy prize pots and has most definitely added to the buzz of the evening.

We typically enjoy a packed bar on quiz night which isn’t such a common thing in the town on a mid-week evening”.

With hopes of winning a few quid for the weekend, Friday evening see’s the regulars drawn into Hydes with Jo running the ‘Get the Deal’ game, where prizes regularly top £100!!!

“We’ve only had one 1p winner so far”.

The Hydes event calendar is further bolstered with Jo and the team occasionally hosting race nights using the Starters Orders game, further filling the event and evening with rounds of Key to the Box and Get the Deal.

“Our last race night event in October raised over £1700”

To arrange your demonstration and see how the BeeBox venue entertainment system could work in your venue call us on 01670 362876