Just Push The Button!

Push Button Games are a fun and exciting way to reward your customers loyalty with drinks discounts and other offers.

A number of offers appear on-screen: After making their purchase, customers press a hand-held button to ‘randomly’ select an offer.

Control Your Offers

Half price, 20%-off, a free starter or dessert? It’s your offers – Your way!

With complete control over the offers and prize giving frequency, you have complete control and with a range of promotional push button games to choose from you’ll keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Bolster recognition and loyalty with your customers! We know how important brand is and that’s why we now offer the option to add your own branding or logo directly onto the TV screens playing the promo game.

Increase occupancy

By offering your customers the chance of “winning” a prize, or discount you create a buzz in your venue and another reason for visiting. And seeing someone else win a prize encourages others.

All in all, the Push Button promotional feature is a great tool to increase occupancy in your venue.