Sing Your Way To Success

Karaoke is back! This form of customer generated entertainment is big business and opening up new revenue streams for bar and club operators.

Presenter-Led Karaoke

This is the traditional way of operating karaoke where a host takes requests, enters them into the system, and calls customers forward in turn to sing.

With karaoke support built right into the software (see DJ Control) – your karaoke night can be ready to go in seconds!

Private Room Karaoke

Small groups of customers enter a private booth. They use a simple, touchscreen system to make their song selections and sing.

This form of karaoke is great for stag & hen nights, works outings, team-building, and private parties – and is usually booked in advance.

Find out more about Partyoke – our Private Room Karaoke solution

Girls enjoying a night out with private room karaoke

Girls enjoying a night out with private room karaoke

Professional Tracks

Your BeeBox System will come pre-loaded with your choice of catalogue from Sunfly Karaoke or Zoom Entertainments – the UK’s leading suppliers of professional karaoke tracks.

Regular updates are available from both suppliers and download to your system overnight.

The key and tempo of the playing track can be adjusted to cater for those with a limited vocal range, and sped-up or slowed down to suit.

Equipment Advice

A karaoke setup can require additional equipment, including microphones and a good sound system.

Our network of resellers and installers can offer a range of equipment to meet all desires and budgets.