Whether you’re looking to engage more with your current customers, reach out for new custom or promote the features and events which make your venue ‘the place to be‘, a well thought out and planned marketing approach is key.

By putting some thought into the content of your promotional adverts and the way in which they are displayed throughout your venue, you really can influence customer buying behaviour. Here’s our simple guide covering the basic do’s and don’ts when preparing your Digital Signage content.

Your BeeBox comes preinstalled with a professionally designed promotional graphics package. With everything from compelling imagery and slow motion video to help promote food & drinks offers, special occasions, sporting events and even seasonal content, the BeeBox has all the angles covered.

Before launching into setting up slide after slide of content and promotions there are some golden rules you should follow when preparing your digital signage to ensure it’s engaging with your audience and working as it should.

TIP 1 – Less is more!

Consider this statement when your slides are becoming ‘word heavy’. To have the greatest impact your slides should convey their message swiftly without the need for lines and lines of text. Think brevity!

Insist on adding lines and lines of text and you will loose your audience!

TIP 2  – “Keep It Simple, Stupid”!

Keep the information you add to your slides simple and uncomplicated.

TIP 3 – Don’t duplicate slides

Don’t have duplicates or similar slides in your digital signage content. To be effective, your digital signage has to be engaging, not boring!

TIP 4 – Mix it up!

Your slideshow should flow like a programme and not simply move from one promotion to the next then the next…. The whole point of your digital signage is to engage with your audience, so don’t put them off with dull content continually pushing your promotions, it won’t work!

Mix up your slides using the various filler content already on the system such as social media fillers, quiz question slides, news or sports feeds, YouTube funnies or countdown timers for special events. As a general rule, never have promotional slides back to back. Split them up using filler slides etc.

TIP 5 – Size is everything

Too short a slideshow and it will quickly become repetitive and boring. Too long, and you run the risk of customers never seeing all the content and missing out on some of your promotions!

As a general rule consider having no more than 20 – 30 slides in your slideshow with around half of them geared towards your promotions and offers. And review this on a monthly basis. Replacing 2 slides every month will quickly have a dramatic effect keeping your signage fresh, current and relevant.

And don’t forget, the scheduling tool allows you to control when slides are shown.