Bad for Business?

Looking to save costs, many publicans choose to just plug in their iPods (or other generic MP3 music players) and use these as a source of background music.

Here is why this can be a bad business decision.

REASON #1 – Volume Levels

MP3s sourced from a variety of different albums and download sites will have varying volume levels and dynamic characteristics. This could be noticeable to your customers, with loud tracks interrupting conversation and prompting them to head elsewhere.

REASON #2 – Poor sound quality

Depending on the bit-rate the MP3 file is encoded, the sound quality may be poor, resulting in a sound that is tinny, sounds muffled or harsh on the ear.

REASON #3 – Inaproppriate track selection

Your MP3 player’s shuffle function will play out anything on the device. This may lead to tracks being played at entirely inappropriate times.

The Solution

Consider a BeeBox Background Music System

  • All tracks are normalised to the same level!
  • Only high quality 320Kbps MP3s – which sound indistinguishable to CD recordings to the human ear.

And most importantly…

  • YOU are in full control of the music selection – with the option to use one or more of our carefully curatred music programmes – or create your own iPod – a bad choice for commercial background musicplaylists as you desire.

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