We are often asked, “how do I create the perfect background music programme for my venue?” Whilst we can’t give you a bespoke track by track programme (unless we have conducted a venue appraisal), we can guide you into making appropriate choices, steering clear of music which does not fit with your venue and brand.

These pointers should help you consider and make appropriate choices for your background music. 

Make it Consistent

Your background music should flow and have a common thread running throughout, neatly marrying the entire music programme together.  The art of a good background music programme is that it’s exactly that, ‘in the back ground’! The last thing a background music programme should have is tracks standing out from the others being played. Think of your background music programme as a business tool! Its aim is to assist in forging the ambience and environment appropriate for your venue/customers.

Make it Appropriate

Whilst it may seem like a good idea to put your playlist of favourite tracks on, you should consider.

Is your taste in music appropriate for the ambience you’re trying to create/preserve?

Do your customers share your passion for the songs in this playlist?

Does your venue see a varied mix of customers throughout a typical day, which would dictate or influence what music should be played?

Make it Valuable

Have a clear picture of the ambience you want to convey and of your typical customers and choose your background music having considered these key elements.

Once you have your background music right, customers will stay longer, spend more and be lured back to do it all over again! That’s when you background music becomes valuable!

Case Study

Test it

Assuming you’ve not been asked to switch off the racket you’re playing, ask your customers, “do you like this background music ?” However, a word of caution! You’re not looking for glowing reviews here, remember background music is meant to play unobtrusively in the background.

You need to keep refining when your customers are clearly not happy with the tunes being played.

The BeeBox Venue Entertainment system features professionally curated background music programmes to suit most situations and venue types.

A 24 hour a day, 7-day scheduler allows you to vary the music programme across the day – allowing a progression of music styles to match or dictate your customer trading patterns.