Its widely accepted that music is a key element in creating the right atmosphere in your venue and we also know that it can be an incredibly strong factor in influencing the buying behaviour of your customers.

Perhaps what is less understood is the grey area surrounding venue licensing and the use of unlicensed music and as a business owner, understanding this subject could be the difference between receiving a hefty fine for illegal use and not!

Yes, illegal! In the simplest terms, services like Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music etc are all great services BUT they are all developed for personal consumer use only. The T’s & C’s  you click on to accept these services specifically detail this.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that by having a music licence in place for your venue that you’re covered! The fact is, you’re not covered at all if you are using one of the many personal consumer use music services available.

To operate within the law and play music in your venue (for commercial gain essentially) you must use a product/service specifically designed for the job.

The BeeBox venue entertainment & promotional system provides the ideal solution. Fully licenced for commercial use with great features allowing you to fine tune and create the perfect atmosphere in your venue.

For more information on venue licensing click here.