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Your customers and your music

The studies proving the value of background music are varied and numerous. And the presence of background music never seems too far from our ears (or at least our subconscious inner ear). However, regardless of the business you’re in, it would be complete folly to believe that simply by introducing a blanket of background music of let’s say current chart tunes that you’ll have them queuing round the block to get into your establishment! This is where knowing your customers and a grasp of branding is essential. “Music is the strongest form of magic” Marilyn Manson A great example of...

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Making a good pub into a GREAT PUB

For those with more than a passing interest in what makes a good pub – a great pub, a recent poll conducted by Yougov made for thought-provoking reading. Covering elements and features from  ‘allowing dogs’ through to ‘having fruit machines’, this exhaustive survey carried out earlier this year is a must read article for anyone involved in the bar and pub trade. Not surprisingly the question of food availability ranked highest with 67% of those surveyed placing pubs serving meals as their number one must have! Interestingly, the main body of the survey results centred on what could be...

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Quiz Night Just Got Better!

The BeeBox Quizmaster (pub quiz package) enjoyed by pub goers across the UK just got better! With more intuitive setup features making quiz preparation an even easier task for BeeBox users. We have also introduced some new exciting rounds to keep keen Quizzers guessing. “Let there be music”… We have introduced a number of interesting and varied rounds giving BeeBox users more choice and versatility with the quizzes they host. New music round choices included. Guess the intro round Normal chorus round Backwards chorus round BeeBox users have the ability to create music rounds from a variety of decades...

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Push the Button Game – SHOT or NOT

Launched today! A great new addition to the Push Button Games suite from BeeBox Systems, giving venue owners and managers another fun and amusing barside game to engage with clientele.   Players simply PUSH THE BUTTON just at the right time and win a SHOT or NOT! Allowing venue owners the opportunity to run promotions including happy hours in a new engaging format guaranteed to get the clientele buzzing and eager to PUSH THE BUTTON.   Push Button Games are a fun and exciting way to reward your customers with drinks discounts and other offers. A number of offers...

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The Power of Music

We know that music can be a powerful motivator but did you know, even at a subliminal level, music can have a profound effect on how we behave? Through studies carried out in bars, shops, restaurants and travel agents we have come to understand how music, particularly background music, has such an effect at a subliminal level and influences the things we do and buy. For instance, in a study conducted by industry data specialists CGA, they were able to establish that, of the pubs included in their experiment, those which played music saw takings increase by an average...

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