Anybody who listens to music can put together a playlist! They usually spurt of a list of their favourite tracks, or artists, give it a shuffle and consider the job done.

A playlist, while perfect for private listening, is the WORST IDEA EVER in a bar or pub environment!

Let’s look at what is specifically wrong with a “Playlist”:

  • It is, inherently a list of music tracks. When played daily, it quickly becomes predictable, dated and tired.
  • The selection is biased towards the creator’s own likes and mood: how can you be sure that matches what is best for your venue?
  • The ordering can create massive jumps in the tempo and mood in the music – especially on a device or service that offers a “shuffle” function.

By contrast, BeeBox’s Music Programmes are Well-SequencedTargeted and Constantly Evolving


Tracks are selected according to freshness and popularity. This sequencing ensures the biggest hits that appeal to your target audience are repeated more often, and back-catalogue tracks less often, creating a mix that is different every day while staying on-brand.


BeeBox Music Programmes are carefully targeted to the specific theme, mood or demographic you select. We hand-pick tracks to make sure they fit-in, rather than stand out! “If in doubt, we leave it out”

Constantly Evolving

We monitor the UK charts, local & national radio airplay, and a variety of streaming services to spot trends and update the music programmes accordingly. As tracks age, they are played less often by your system to prevent fatigue.