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Push Button Games

Just Push The Button! Push Button Games are a fun and exciting way to reward your customers with drinks discounts and other offers. A number of offers appear on-screen: After making their purchase, customers press a hand-held button to ‘randomly’ select an offer. Control Your Offers What would you like to give away? Half price drinks, 20%-off, drinks vouchers? The choice and probability of each offer is under your control. The Psychology of Winning By offering your customers the chance of “winning” a prize, or discount that their peers may not necessarily get, you create a reason to stay –...

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Sing Your Way To Success Karaoke is back! This form of customer generated entertainment is big business and opening up new revenue streams for bar and club operators. Presenter-Led Karaoke This is the traditional way of operating karaoke where a host takes requests, enters them into the system, and calls customers forward in turn to sing. With karaoke support built right into the software (see DJ Control) – your karaoke night can be ready to go in seconds! Private Room Karaoke Small groups of customers enter a private booth. They use a simple, touchscreen system to make their song selections and sing. This...

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Trusted by over 500 independent bars & restaurants across the UK

500 Happy Customers In March 2017, BeeBox Systems passed the 500 customer milestone. With help from our network of local resellers and installers, BeeBox now serve over 500 venues – including independently owned bars & restaurants – and those which which are part of small to medium pub groups. Service that is Local To You By making use of local resellers and installers, we can operate service on a national level – but locally sourced – ensuring incident response times are kept to a minimum....

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