Many bars and venues see consumer music services (such as Spotify) as a cheap and easy method of obtaining background music. However, there are a number of reasons why this is a bad business decision.

REASON #1 – Legality

Spotify is not licenced for commercial use in the UK.

This means you cannot legally use Spotify in a pub, bar, restaurant for background music. (See Spotify user agreement)

REASON #2 – Sound Quality

Less than one third of Spotify’s tracks are available at the highest bitrate quality of 320KBps.

Most stream at 160KBps which can lead in a noticeable reduction in sound quality to listeners. (more details)

REASON #3 – Track Selection

Spotify’s track selection model is based around the needs of a home user – who is able to skip tracks they don’t like.

In a commercial environment, your customers do not have this ability and can only vote with their feet! Would you risk losing revenue because a service operates in this way?

The Solution

Try a background music system from BeeBox Systems. You will have a choice of carefully crafted music programmes, updated weekly by a team of experts.